Cocktail Friday! Liquor-Up Your Weekend Countdown

photo via the al dente blog


I was searching the blogosphere to find a tantalizing drink recipe, when I found this post by Braiden Rex-Johnson (who has one of the best names ever!) on Amazon’s Al Dente blog, which I’ve talked about before.  And lo and behold, the recipe is by my favorite drink author/expert AJ Rathbun!  I can’t get away from this guy if I tried… then again, why would I even try in the first place?  Besides being a fabulous person, AJ is by far the supreme knower-of-all-things-alcoholic, and the pages of his books are more dog-earred than my copy of Eliot’s The Wasteland from junior year of college.  I still swear by his recipe for sangria from Good Spirits as the best I have ever tasted.

The drink featured on Al Dente is called the Rosé Squirt.  The name makes me giggle each time… perfect for a light-hearted summer evening.  What I like most about the recipe is the anticipation of the maraschino liqueur, which undoubtedly will offset the dryness of the white wine.  Wine cocktails are making a comeback, people!  Guaranteed.

Rosé Squirt
Serves 2

Ice cubes
2 ounces maraschino liqueur
6 ounces dry rosé
Chilled club soda
2 maraschino cherries, for garnish

1. Take two glasses (highball) and fill with ice cubes until 3/4 full.  To each, add one ounce maraschino liqueur and three ounces rosé.  Stir

2. Top with club soda. Give it a swirl, top with a cherry, and sip away!

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