Winter Warmers: Bread Pudding

I was watching the Food Network tonight and Throwdown with Bobby Flay came on.  Now, let me rant for a moment.  I believe the premise of this show is horrible.  Not that it’s a poorly produced show; rather, it is one of the most mean-spirited shows on television.  Demeaning, even.  Here, they take some locally known chef who has this one dish they do extremely well.  They don’t have a fancy show or legions of suburban moms drooling over their curly auburn locks.  So, the Food Network contacts these people and fools them into believing they are about to be a part of a Food Network special!  “Oh happy day, haven’t I made it big!!”  I can only imagine the celebration that goes off in that chef’s naive, trusting, cream-puff-filled head.

So they make him/her play the fool, and tape with an audience as the chef showcases his dish; then, in the middle of it– in struts Bobby Flay!  “I’m challenging you to a throwdown!… In hopes that I can inflate my already over-inflated sense of self-satisfaction.”  Ok, I’ll concede, he seems like a really decent guy.  But, you’d have a smile the size of Texas plastered on your face, too, if a single book deal even made your banker go CAH-CHING!  This man has made millions while his “throwdown adversaries” are generally still cooking out of makeshift, home kitchens.  So instead of being featured in their own Food Network special, suddenly they’re the bumbling sidekick in Bobby Flay’s Food Network Special.  That’s why I feel no certain amount of glee when he loses.

Anyway, I digress.  Tonight’s episode featured the Dessert Truck in New York, and their famous bread pudding.  Just witnessing the custard sauce glaze the gooey batch of chocolate bread pudding was enough to make all my tastebuds light up with delight!  And, yes, there was some drooling.  I couldn’t help it.  So I found this recipe for Butterscotch Bread Pudding.  Results to follow as soon as I procure a quasi-essential ingredient:  some bread.

It’s beyond freezing in Boston, hope you all are warming up with something sweet, tonight!

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