Feature: College Student Cooking

Hungry? What college student isn’t? That’s why we’re kicking off this first Recipe Key Newsletter with two quick, easy and delicious recipes that you can use when you’re scrounging for some food. Oh, and just for fun, we’ve got a drink recipe that’ll be just right for your next party. But let’s start with the food…It’s lunchtime and once again, you haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping. Naturally, you’re low on cash and if you have another PB&J you might turn into one. Our Smoked Turkey Apple Sandwich recipe takes only a couple of ingredients, it’s easy to make and delicious! Click here for the recipe now!

When dinner comes around, I’m usually stuck deciding between two choices – spaghetti and Ramen. But these two dinners put my taste buds to sleep fast. Check out Recipe Key’s Hot Pepper and Garlic Spaghetti for a more delicious, but just as cheap and easy dinner. (Your taste buds will thank you!)

Okay, now for a great new drink recipe from Recipe Key. Picture this: you’re sitting around with your friends, pre-gaming for a blow-out. Someone busts out the handle of Vodka. You are dreading to take that shot – the semi-warm liquid, the burning in your throat, the horrific aftertaste…you’re worried it might come back up! But wait, don’t panic! Click here to see a delicious vodka drink recipe, the Bay Breeze. I promise it  will be a new party favorite!

Feature Ingredient: Strawberries

Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie
Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie

What’s better than a refreshing strawberry treat to tickle your taste buds on a summer day? You can do anything with strawberries – our feature ingredient for this week – from sorbet to salads to sauce!

Try this tasty treat to cool down on a hot day – Strawberry Sorbet! All you need is some water, sugar, and lemon juice and you’re on your way to a homemade treat.

Looking for that finishing touch to a chocolate cake, ice cream, or even your toast? Our Crushed Red Berry Sauce is just the key! With some sugar and raspberries, it makes for a delicious topping.

If you’re tired of that tasteless granola bar snack, try Recipe Key’s Mint and Honey Fruit Cup for a refreshing taste. With honey and strawberry in the mix, it’s sweet but healthy!