Try a refreshing summer salad – Cucumber and Tomato

Cucumber Tomato Salad

Cucumber Tomato Salad

. The vinegar adds just the right amount of kick, and the juicy tomatoes perfectly balance out the cucumbers. I usually have this for lunch because it’s fast and easy to make. And I can always save some for later because leftovers can be prepared in a cinch.

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Cole slaw – the perfect side dish

If there is one consistent side dish that my mom serves during the summer months, it’s cole slaw. She serves it with everything – shrimp, chicken, ribs, burgers…the list goes on. But she’s got the recipe down, pat!

All-American Cole Slaw

All-American Cole Slaw

This All-American Cole Slaw is delicious and is perfect to complement any meal. It’s quick and easy to make too!

For All You Moms & Dads….

Let’s face it: sometimes summer isn’t always relaxing. When everyone has different schedules, it’s hard to find a time where everyone can sit down and enjoy a relaxing meal together. That’s why we’re giving you two quick but satisfying meals and an easy, homemade dessert that you can prepare for your family in no time. Read on if you’re constantly pressed for time to whip up a hearty meal this summer!

If you have a Crockpot, putting it to use this summer would be a wise decision. You can make all of your dinner preparations in the morning, and come back to a delicious-smelling house that evening. Our Baked Chicken Breasts serves as a great crockpot recipe. While the chicken is cooking, you’re free to run your errands and drop the kids off where they need to be, and when you come back home, dinner is already made!

Every kid loves macaroni and cheese. But instead of making it from a box, this recipe for Easy Macaroni and Cheese is a homemade meal that is super easy to prepare! With its fresh ingredients, it trumps that store-bought and processed mac ‘n’ cheese. Not only is it delicious, it’s healthy!

Ice cream can get old during the summer, so mix it up! Banana Pudding is a great way to add variety to those tasty treats during the summer time. This delectable dessert only takes 15 minutes to prepare, and is the perfect ending to a relaxing dinner.

A Summer Favorite – Green Beans!

Summer is a time for fresh produce from gardens and farmers markets!  Nothing says summer like a bag of freshly picked green beans!  Try these dishes and discover a whole new love for this summer veggie. 

Crisp green beans can be a great daytime snack eaten raw, or a perfect complement to a summertime dinner.  Grill them, steam them, eat em’ fresh – and enjoy!  Here at Recipe Key, some of our favorite green bean recipes include:

Green Bean and Almond SaladCrunch, flavor, and good looks.  This salad has it all!  Enjoy it as an appetizer or light meal.  Hot or cold, even the kids will be begging to eat their veggies with this one!

Cold Green Beans & PeppersThis colorful dish makes the perfect complement to any backyard barbeque or cookout!  This is a healthy alternative to those high calorie potato salads.  You’ll love going back for more!!

Green Beans on the Grill -
It’s the summer, so who says you can’t grill anything and everything?  The smoky flavor of these beans add a whole new level to vegetables!  Enjoy!!

Bleu Burgers! mmmm

What is one thing that is never fails as a classic summer meal? BURGERS! But let’s face it – the typical cheeseburger can get old. Our Bleu Burger recipe is a new kind of cheeseburger. Cooked in a flavorful olive oil mixture, the meat soaks in the savory taste. Swiss cheese is folded inside the meat, and the burger is topped off with a unique sauce. I love these burgers – this recipe mixes things up with the average burger and keeps me wanting more.

Bleu Burger

Bleu Burger

Easy and Quick Cold Summer Pasta Salad!

Whether you’re looking for a side dish or a great meal, our Cold Summer Pasta Salad is a great recipe that can serve both those needs. This is perfect for serving at a picnic or barbeque. It’s healthy but tingles your taste buds. The great thing about this recipe is that leftovers are easy to prepare – if you’re on the go and you need something to tide you over, grab this out of the fridge and you’re on your way!

Cold Summer Pasta Salad

Cold Summer Pasta Salad

Homemade bbq sauce…mmmmm

There’s nothing like having a barbeque during the summer. The weather is warm, the grill is fired up, and the smell of your homemade old-fashioned barbeque sauce fills the air. This recipe can be used on any meat, from chicken to ribs to burgers! For me, barbeque sauce from a bottle just doesn’t have the same kick. The sweet yet tangy taste of this barbeque specialty will keep everyone begging for more


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It’s vacation! Enjoy a Pina Colada.

When I was younger, my family and I would vacation in Florida for our spring break. I would order a Pina Colada (Virgin of course) everyday, sipping it by the side of the pool. If you like Pina Coladas, then this is the recipe for you! On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like kicking back with this refreshing, cold drink. Give one to the kids, and mix some rum in for yourself! These drinks are easy to make and mess-free. You can serve them at a party or make one for yourself while you sit outside and soak in the sun.

Feature: College Student Cooking

Hungry? What college student isn’t? That’s why we’re kicking off this first Recipe Key Newsletter with two quick, easy and delicious recipes that you can use when you’re scrounging for some food. Oh, and just for fun, we’ve got a drink recipe that’ll be just right for your next party. But let’s start with the food…It’s lunchtime and once again, you haven’t had a chance to go grocery shopping. Naturally, you’re low on cash and if you have another PB&J you might turn into one. Our Smoked Turkey Apple Sandwich recipe takes only a couple of ingredients, it’s easy to make and delicious! Click here for the recipe now!

When dinner comes around, I’m usually stuck deciding between two choices – spaghetti and Ramen. But these two dinners put my taste buds to sleep fast. Check out Recipe Key’s Hot Pepper and Garlic Spaghetti for a more delicious, but just as cheap and easy dinner. (Your taste buds will thank you!)

Okay, now for a great new drink recipe from Recipe Key. Picture this: you’re sitting around with your friends, pre-gaming for a blow-out. Someone busts out the handle of Vodka. You are dreading to take that shot – the semi-warm liquid, the burning in your throat, the horrific aftertaste…you’re worried it might come back up! But wait, don’t panic! Click here to see a delicious vodka drink recipe, the Bay Breeze. I promise it  will be a new party favorite!